Brandon Sanderson Drafting Method

Brandon Sanderson is a writer who goes through many revisions. He talks about this over several years during his BYU class lectures on YouTube, and I wanted to distill his process down from several videos, which I will link at least one of them in the description for the podcast and below this blog article for anyone who wants to hear him talk about it more in depth.

How Many Drafts Does it Take to Write a Novel?

Click this link to hear this blog post as a podcast with your favorite podcasting app! Hello lovelies and welcome back to the blog. We've gone through previous posts talking about the drafting process and specifically about zero drafts and first drafts. If you haven't by now you're probably starting to wonder just how many …

The Comparison Game

Have you ever read a really good book? I mean one of those great books that made you want to become a writer? The ones full of descriptive worlds, achingly real characters, and beautiful prose? You read certain pieces of writing, and just about die on the spot because the writing is so good. Then you come back to your own draft and you want to burn your entire novel world to the ground. You get into this terrible mindset where that book you read was so good, and you’ll never hope to write or publish anything that good ever in your lifetime so why even try?

Do You Write Every Day?

Do you set daily or weekly writing goals, and consistently meet them? If you live and die by the idea that you have to write every day, you might be someone who writes slow and steady. Slow and steady writers will chunk out their work and try to reach a certain word or page count goal every day or every week. This type of novelist keeps a steady pace, pushing forward one step at a time.